Wise Security Services honors its security staff

Wise Security Services honors its security staff

Wise Media Center

3/10/20242 min read

Wise Security Services held an honorary ceremony at the Lotus Hotel in Khormaksar, attended by security officials and supervisors from all its locations. The event began with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a speech from the Executive Manager of Wise, Mr. Ali Nasser Al-Hasani. He welcomed the security staff and attendees, highlighting the key milestones and the professional and technical improvement of the company in the security field.

Following that, the CEO of Wise Group, Mr. Ghassan Ali Nasser, gave a detailed presentation about Wise Group and its services across all branches. He shed light on Wise Security Services and its evolution from traditional company practices to a collaborative approach with clients, emphasizing the professionalism in its work. The presentation covered various stages, future goals, as well as projects and security industries implemented by the company.

Subsequently, several security officials and supervisors were honored with certificates and appreciation shields for their dedicated and diligent work. The significant presence of female staff was acknowledged, reflecting the company's strong commitment to gender equality. The event concluded with a survey to gather participants' opinions on the relationship between the company's management and site management, as well as any suggestions, through a written questionnaire.

In a related context, Mr. Maher Al-Shaibani, the Commercial Director of Wise Group, stated that Wise Security Services is considered the leading security company in the country. The company has focused on enhancing its performance through a joint operations room in coordination with the Aden Security Directorate. Additionally, regular patrols are conducted across all its sites. The company has also built specialized training rooms. Mr. Al-Shaibani mentioned that the company quickly secured contracts with major commercial sites, including Aden Palaces City, thanks to the efforts of the governor.

The ceremony was attended by Commander Amjad Abdulhamid Al-Sabaihi, the Director of Tawahi Police and the Security Head of Organizations, and Brigadier General Osama Bahamish, the Director-General of Financial Affairs at the Ministry of Interior.

It is worth noting that Wise Group of Commercial Services includes various types of services, including logistics, security, media, and technology. The company is headquartered in the capital, Aden, and is currently working on expanding its operations and projects to other provinces, starting with Hadramout Governorate.